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Time Machine

Rediscovered, reused, remade.

Whether it be Odeon bus tours or Birmingham 68, Flatpack has always been interested in connecting the past with the world we live in today. Our new strand Time Machine provides a focus for this, from community video archaeology to hip hop heritage.

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Frank and Val

Ian Francis
Thursday 2nd May, 2019 Posted by Ian Francis

Oh Dear Video Diary

Monday 17th December, 2018

Sound Explorers wanted

Ian Francis
Wednesday 31st January, 2018 Posted by Ian Francis

Birmingham On Film II

Friday 25th August, 2017

Highlights now on sale

Wednesday 24th February, 2016

Flatpack 9: A First Peek

Abbe Elliston
Friday 19th December, 2014 Posted by Abbe Elliston

Flatpicks no.1: Son of Man

Ian Francis
Friday 15th March, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

Introducing this year's patron saint

Ian Francis
Thursday 22nd December, 2011 Posted by Ian Francis

Uncle Hans-Peter comes to Birmingham

Ian Francis
Tuesday 23rd March, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis


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