Flatpack Festival
Film, and then some


How do they do that?

A chance to delve into the creative process, as filmmakers and artists open up about the joy and pain of making new work. Includes exhibition powwow Film Camp, and for the first time we’re also hosting a book fair where you can meet a host of small publishers and zine-makers.

Upcoming Events

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Flatpack Guide to: Unpacked

Abbe Elliston
Monday 27th March, 2017 Posted by Abbe Elliston

Flatpack 9: A First Peek

Abbe Elliston
Friday 19th December, 2014 Posted by Abbe Elliston

Swipeside (24-26 March)

Sam Groves
Sunday 16th March, 2014 Posted by Sam Groves

Jim le Fevre Phonotrope talk

Ian Francis
Wednesday 7th April, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis

Alex Smith at Unpacked

Ian Francis
Tuesday 16th March, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis

Fast Forward

Ian Francis
Saturday 6th March, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis


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