Flatpack Festival
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90s Party

Saturday 4th May, 2019

Flatpack Hub | 21:00 - LATE

This year’s Saturday night shindig sees us rewinding the clock a couple of decades.

Following on from the crowd-pleasing 90s-set rave-romp Beats, we're continuing to celebrate all things from that decade at our Saturday night party (well, not all things 90s - you won’t hear anything from the Gallagher brothers). So tuck that jumper into those trousers, get those mood rings out of the jewellery box, and don that neon shell suit jacket you got from COW. If you’re still struggling for inspiration, Cher Horowitz, the Fresh Prince, and Zack Morris can all offer some guidance. On the ones and twos is one of Birmingham’s finest, Sam Redmore, collaborating with his brother, Manchester-based Jethro Redmore.

This event is suitable for 18 year olds and above.

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